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Pique revealed, the son of Milan have only heard a single song a day ahead of going to bed, this can be the Barcelona group song.

Pique believes Messi returned to revitalize the Barcelona suitable techniques.

14/15 season Barcelona three lines tournament triumph, defender Gerard – Pique played a essential part. Recently, the Catalan defender received regional media interviews, he described the team’s scenario.

Barcelona using a lot to be a topic of concern, among the list of most compelling content material may be the relationship between the front Trident. Speaking of Messi, Suarez and Neymar, Pique stated: “We’re talking about the world’s most effective, but a number of players, they may be quite distinctive, quite familiar with one another, without the need of a trace of envy each other, we are able to from observed within the game. ”

Pique also on the subject of individual content of media interest, Pique mentioned this: “I was born a member of Barcelona, ??from my sensible, I fell in really like with Barcelona from tiny to large, whenever I came ?μ?2. P, I adore this spot much more progressively. ”
Pique’s family members is concerned about the content of persons, in particular inside the national derby, when the worth with the referee, even when asked for Barcelona Pique youngsters No.3 scenario. Pique mentioned this: “My two youngsters are also born a member of Barcelona, ??which is the standard home just about every evening prior to we visit sleep in Milan, he just wish to hear a song that I feel this Barcelona group song has turn out to be. portion of our lives, Barcelona spirit in our household from generation to generation. ”

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Barca currently qualify for the Champions League Best eight, on the subject of the team’s purpose, Pique said: “We know the road ahead might be incredibly tricky because our opponents are very robust, so we have to spend interest to information, which will determine the success or failure is anything we should really try to prevent injury even though sustaining self-confidence. Provided that we are capable to perform our best, there is certainly hope to get the final victory. ”

Messi this name has been a hot subject, the Pique interview approach is no exception. In regards to the good teammate, Pique praise: “Messi knows ways to read the game perfectly, for the reason that he is extremely sensible this season Messi returned to his familiar right, which gave Enrique much more. tactical selection, specifically the middle on the techniques. I believe it was the appropriate selection, for the reason that it tends to make the group superior, and now we have noticed, Messi and Suarez are a lot of goals, quite fascinating, incredibly vital. ”

Public opinion has been questioned in the get public recognition, Barcelona coach Louis – Enrique has knowledgeable an uncommon day. Pique said this: “Enrique includes a clear notion of ??the group and now we have created it clear that he asked us to maintain the stress on the court, when the opponent attacks, we have been in a position to counter-attack, before and after our games remain. the identical rhythm. We strive to try to exploit the space amongst the two lines. ”

Barcelona’s tactical style is actually a great deal of individuals are concerned in regards to the topic, Pique mentioned this: “In basic, the style in the past, but now we are a lot more excellent, we find out tips on how to resolve the troubles encountered by people that I have under no circumstances observed just before. Barcelona will not point to any one, never noticed 1 that they’re not offensive, just examine the opponent to attack Barcelona. So, Barcelona’s style has never ever changed. ”

Barcelona’s extended pass to come to be a lot more sharp, scoring derby within the country is from Suarez’s lengthy pass from Alves assists backcourt. Pique mentioned this: “Yes, at times we use such techniques, which tends to make our group benefited, especially when the defense-intensive, 40, 50 yards passing distance is capable of creating effective chance Enrique often ask me to do so, just the starting of this thing tends to make me feel a little difficult, but now I’m confident Barca’s style generally the same, nevertheless it also needs some changes in detail.