UT mode will be more balanced, FIFA team A player asked Chu Morah


Recently, EA SPORTS FIFA team Chu Morah at Reddit answer the concerns of the players and the FIFA Ultimate Team Ten-related problems. The following are the details:

Q: Considering the only draw card to play the game in order to get the best players card is almost impossible, there is no increase in the future to play the game proceeds gold rewards program?
A: Our focus is on balance and stabilize the economic system in the game, the gold award for the target service. FUT increase gold award will only make the economic system is no longer balanced and stable. However, we are now exploring new FUT system improvements, trying to further achieve this design goal. We will also make the game player tournament mode to provide more rewards.

Q: Why should launch Global Value List Price Range, rather than sub-platform rank?
A: First of all Value List Price Range for all users across all platforms. We believe this can be more objectively demonstrate the characteristics of the system. And tell the truth, which is more convenient backstage management and operations. However, according to your feedback, we have decided to players of high ability to distinguish.

Q: What about the low-value ranking special reason?
A: Remove the low value rankings will open the door to malicious gold trading. Gold traders are always in the market with a price much lower than the amount of high-value standings sell some players to gain profits. We understand that this will make a lot of people feel helpless, but in order to eliminate the gold trade, this measure is necessary. We will continue to continue to look for better ways to balance the FUT market.

Q: Why Value List to launch at this point?
A: Because the players reselling gold prices caused inflation must be taken seriously and immediately. The benefits of doing so, including the balance of the market price and the players.

Q: Is there any good FUT promotional card pack, the same pattern as last year’s World Cup?
A: We have a new promotion plan, which includes the new IF, we have not used the pink card.

Q: Why is the season mode and feel the difference FUT so big? Rhythm running a completely different feeling, but on the whole season mode bug is much less. Including some of the characteristics of the season mode, custom formation, etc., can help produce my FUT team, then what is the reason for them to be FUT rejected it?
Answer: FUT and season modes, functions and effects of chemical reactions values ​​are completely different. Chemical reaction is to consider the results of the (shooting ability, athletic ability, etc.) the ability of the players. We believe in the role of chemical reaction systems, custom formation does not play its normal role in FUT mode.

Q: Can you tell us the exact chemical reaction chemical reaction value style and how it affects the players we have? From a programmer’s point of view, the chemical reaction 4 and 7 or 10 of the Anti different compared with what? Hunter card programmer eyes is what exists? We can see on screen text description, but in the back of the screen in the end is how it work?
A: If you do not discuss in depth the technical details, it is difficult to explain, but it is a very important role in the play. Popular terms is this: A chemical reaction is less than 5 players, and his performance on the field will be lower than his cards face capacity. If a chemical reaction than 5 players, his performance would exceed the capacity of the sign face. Chemical reaction will amplify the player the ability to bring style to enhance the effect. In other words every chemical reaction style determine compatibility between this system and the different players, and then we use a chemical reaction to determine the value of the player is “out of tune” or “duck.” Team chemistry values ​​also have a slight impact on the players, but not as obvious as the value of the individual chemical reactions.

Q: I can trade with each other and friends player? Let’s say I want Dances friend Ibrahimovic then I want to use my friend Robben and the like.
A: We are not going to “Trade Offers” feature to move back, the reason is very simple, gold trading. In most cases this design is used to make coins are reselling. Like you serious players use it is actually very small.

Q: EA has not considered like 2K’s “MyTEAM” or Madden’s MUT mode, as in every Tuesday launched the “turn back the clock Card”?
A: The United States and American football and NBA League this single sports game is different, football is a lot of league encompasses many countries in many team sports. We can only be designed for the players and their clubs now playing, but not back in history. That’s why players are not affiliated FUT legendary club. And like EA ORTS Madden so that only authorized relations and a single league game to have more flexibility in the design.

Q: I have heard people say ELO matching system, but I have never seen ELO score, either our own or the opponent. I would like to see themselves and their opponents in the ELO ranking and the like, so I can at victory and defeat, when what happened. Can you open it a little transparency?
A: Some time ago we showed in the FIFA technical level matching system (but this system does not contain ELO). But we found that when the players do not use this system honest. Let’s say there are a lot of people right touch when deliberately lose, let them go down the rankings. Then they passed and technology play against low ranking people to brush season record. Therefore, we think it is completely hidden the better.