Totti family visit Barcelona Museum of 9-year-old Wang Chao coyotes Messi

Take advantage of opportunities intermittent league, Roma captain Francesco Totti and his family went to Spain to visit the Nou Camp and Barcelona Museum, this trip is more to his son Christian, as are the Roman youth team little guy is authentic Barcelona powder more depending idol Lionel Messi.

Day coincided with the national team, just back from Totti wives and children to travel to Barcelona last weekend and visited the Camp Nou stadium, home to Barcelona and Barcelona Museum, and Chanel Blasi with his wife, son Christian and daughter , posed for pictures with the Champions League trophy.

Photos in the most brilliant smile naturally Totti 9-year-old son Christian, the little guy this season, just 10 years of age to join the Roman youth team, the functional position 9 and a half, he performed well. This time to visit Barcelona, ​​and then his wish, because Christian is Barcelona’s loyal fans, but also to Macy idol rather than his father.

Champions Cup with the big ears Totti photo, let us also have mixed feelings, although the Italian legendary players won, including the World Cup, Serie A, Italian Cup, Italian Super Cup, including the title, but never had a chance to win the Champions League.

Garnett has always been loyal to Rome, Roma history unfortunately only once rounded out the Champions League final (in 1984, losing to Liverpool on penalties), Francesco Totti validity period, the red wolf best record in the Champions League is the Top 8, both times Manchester United in the semi-finals blocked the door.