The new story mode in FIFA 18 is all about selection

The Journey was one of many ideal additions to FIFA 17, crafting a dramatic but believable story around a rookie football (sorry, soccer) player in England. With FIFA 18 fut coins buy, EA is creating around the mode having a “second season” for increasing star Alex Hunter. It promises a “global” story with additional football clubs, branching pathways and a few character customisation, culminating inside a campaign that should really feel significantly less scripted, but no significantly less cinematic.

The second season of your Journey will also feature brief and medium-term objectives. Last year, some individuals complained that there wasn’t sufficient path, or “goals” to complete match-to-match. Sure, there have been overall performance targets, but the game became a slow trudge towards the end of the season and a few probable silverware. The story in FIFA 18 has, for that reason, been split into “chapters” with distinct milestones, or requirements, that should be completed to unlock the subsequent one.

Hunter will also be customisable this time about. Although you can’t make a character from scratch, or import your preceding save Mass Impact style, EA wants players to have a sense of ownership more than the game’s central star. You are going to have the ability to pick his hair style, clothes and soccer boots, also as irrespective of whether he has facial hair or tattoos. “There are some incredibly exotic haircuts,” Rivera says. So if you want to look like Paul Pogba, having a streak of color down one side, that is totally up to you. Personally, I’m praying for any Marouane Fellaini choice, if only to find out how it looks in cutscenes.

FIFA’s initial attempt at a story mode was a resounding success final year. For casual fans, it was a brand new approach to learn the game’s mechanics and have an understanding of English soccer culture. A third season, even though not assured, seems likely. “So far, the feedback from men and women has been really optimistic,” Rivera says. “And if it really is a well-liked mode, of course it’s worth investing in. Short-term, for sure, there are actually plans in place.” Maybe future seasons will cover an older Hunter, or a new footballer keen to buy FIFA 18 Coins take his spot. As we’ve noticed with the Neymar transfer this summer, there are plenty of events, fictional and genuine, that EA could use to spice up the mode in the future.