The European MVP ten candidate: MSN C Luo Juventus five finalists will

UEFA announced last season’s best player of the 10 candidates list, Barcelona MSN combination of all finalists, Juve are selected, C lo and Zal occupy the remaining two places.
UEFA for a total of 54 members voted. Each ballot elected five players, the first name to 5 points, the second place to 4 points, and so on. A total of 35 players entered the initial list, after the first round of voting, the top ten finalists the next phase of voting, then selected a shortlist for the last three, three candidate list will be announced on August 12.
Ten candidate list, last season’s UEFA Guanguan runner up Barcelona and Juventus occupied eight seats, the combination of MSN last season heroics, for Barcelona finally aspires to seize the European contribution. And three midfielder Andrea Pirlo, Pogba and Vidal was nominated for Juventus, and before a two general Carlos Tevez and Buffon, selected a total of five players, can be said to be the big winner, but Andrea Pirlo and Carlos Tevez have leave to join the New York City and Boca Juniors, quite regret. Other selected as well as the semi finals of the C lo, as well as being eliminated by the Paris Chelsea star Zal.

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UEFA Champions League group stage draw on August 28, will announce last European player of the year and the past few seasons the award winner respectively is Messi (2011), Andres Iniesta (2012), Franck Ribery (2013) and c Luo (2014).
The best player in Europe ten candidate list:
Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Eden (Chelsea), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Neymar (Barcelona), Pogba (Juventus), Andrea Pirlo (Juventus), c Luo (Real Madrid), Luis Suarez (Barcelona), Carlos Tevez (Juventus), Vidal (Juventus)