Raptors coach Carol had set the tone for the defense he did not have too many double teams

According to NBA China official website news, Yahoo Sports reported last year, was swept out of the playoffs in the first round, so the Raptors coach German – Casey realized the need to strengthen the team’s defense, while DeMar – Carroll
2k 16 coins added Let the team’s offense and defense are given a huge upgrade. Casey said: ‘We defend very hard, but I do not know if our defense capability is good enough to win the regular season, we rely on the offensive game, but in the playoffs, you will be defeated, so we are losing.

last season as the Hawks important single point against the players and outside shooting, Carroll last season to help the Hawks to get the best 60 wins and eastern first success in team history. Casey said: ‘He makes us more able to lock the other side of a single against the players, we do not have
nba 2k mt too many opponents double-team, he will set the tone for our defense of his third ball very well, or elite level. defensive player, such a person in the league can be rare ‘.

Carroll last season, played in 70 games for the Hawks, averaging 12.6 points 5.3 rebounds, he got the Raptors this summer four-year $ 60 million contract. Carroll said: ‘I think that the draft after four years I have been a waste of time, did not play for two years, two years in a row to be laid off over the past couple of years I was finally ushered in a breakthrough, I think here let. My career was re-upgrade I got a good chance to show DeMar – Carol what is the player ‘in addition to Carol, the Raptors this summer also to the four-year 30 million contract signed former Spurs guard Cory – Joseph; to the former champion Anthony – Bennett a salary contract.