Marshal: Ibrahimovic strong personal ability than Messi Messi is a team player


The world’s best, Macy’s individual technical nature impress, but AC Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi eyes of legendary feats, stronger than Messi Ibrahimovic’s personal ability, he also stressed that football is one of the hearts of countless people team sports, Messi is a better team player.

Ibrahimovic is the perfect combination of physical and technical, Sacchi in the evaluation of the former AC Milan player said: “Ibrahimovic is one of the best players in the world, if football is an individual sport, so I think he’s more than Messi even stronger. “At the same time, Sacchi also believes Messi Ibrahimovic should learn how to become a better team player:” For Ibrahim, it is both the strengths, but also limits the contact between him and his teammates . ”

To illustrate his point, Sacchi continued: “In the time I coached AC Milan, the team Fan – Basten and Weah, compared with Weah’s technology even better, but Van Basten can and better integration of the team, the team’s influence and significance is greater. The players need to understand that it is important to help the team, rather than to show personal capacity. “