Fifa 17 tops Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the UK’s best-selling entertainment solution in 2016

In 2016, the UK’s entertainment industry was hugely competitive with titles from several industries fighting it out across physical and digital sales aisles, it was nonetheless EA Sports’ Fifa 2017 football simulation game that took the major spot across video, music and gaming with 2.five million sales.

Investigation in the Entertainment Retail Trade Association (ERA) located that Fifa 17 topped a video games sector that endured a physical sales slump of 16.4% to £776m, offset by digital’s 12.1% growth to £2.1bn.

The sports title managed to leading the return of Disney’sStar Wars franchise, the Force Awakens which served because the bestselling video solution with 2.three million units. On the topic, physical video revenues have been down 16.9% to £893.6m, whereas digital sales had been largely catalyzed by Netflix, Sky, Amazon and Apple up 22.8% to £1.309.3m.

In music, Now That’s What I Get in touch with Music 95 shifted 908,500 units generating it the best-selling album in the year. Music revenues were up by below 5%, downloads had been down by 26.8% and physical sales down 13%, but music subscription sales had been up 65% because of the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Deezer.

Kim Bayley ERA chief executive, stated: “The music, video and games industries had been understandably nervous about the advent of new digital solutions, but these figures present resounding proof of your positive aspects of our members’ investment in innovation.

“To have added more than £1bn in new revenues in just 4 years is definitely an outstanding achievement. To put it a further way, take away today’s digital services plus the entertainment industry could be barely a third the size it can be today.”

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