Drama reverse! Exposure EA or unable to obtain authorization Champions League! !

With FIFA 16 released approaching, rumors about the 16 online more and more. Among many foreign websites in order to win the eye began to tear each other to force. Including the Champions League authorized news, some well-known mass media are authorized Champions League this year will be EA gain.

But in fact this is just wishful thinking everyone. Because according to statement, Global Director of Konami football division, this year’s league PES 2016 authorization will retain most of the increase at the same time last year, a new authorization. Note that retain most of last year’s authorization means that there may lose part of the authorization, which means that Konami may lose the Champions League tournament authorization. But another point in time is worth noting that Konami decided on the day of the Champions League final as the first official news release PES 2016, to show that it is possible to decide the date of publication to get the Champions League tournament, or else how would choose such a point in time published on news it?

On the other hand authorize the Champions League qualification tournament extremely important for Konami, did not authorize the Champions League with EA than Konami what means?