Bayern 40000000 purchase of more than 45000000 of the agreement to buy the genius of Juventus to replace

Boba and Vidal two election? Juventus have finally made a decision. On Wednesday night in the Italian media in unison: Vidal will move to Bayern Munich, a transfer fee of up to a maximum of 40 million euros!
Before about the Juventus midfielder treasures of Boba and Vidal transfer rumours one after another, the Italian media generally believe that the Bianconeri will sell the two men in a, in order to achieve the team’s upgrading. And this one, Juventus are more likely to sell age is relatively high, wounded soldiers began to increase and OTC troubled Vidal. Although giants Manchester United, Arsenal and Real Madrid are the Vidal very interested, but now it seems it is really just sold Bastian Schweinsteiger, eager to fill strong midfield Bayern played a beautiful blitz, rapid and Vidal reached an agreement.
First is the Chilean media exposed material, the newspaper “the fourth newspaper claimed positive discussion is carried out in the broker’s Felice Vecchi and Bayern, Vidal has accepted the Bayern Munich for its open after tax salary up to 650 million euros (” Milan Sports Newspaper “and” slow motion “that including bonuses only 550 million euros) for a four-year contract, and family to inform his intention to moved to Bayern Munich decided that next Bayern only with the consent of the Juventus license. Bayern didn’t waste time immediately with the Bianconeri get in touch, although Juventus to Vidal’s asking price to 45 million euros, and Bayern’s offer to only 30 million euros, but taking into account the willingness of the players and the clubs are no transaction of sincerity, the two parties reach an agreement, the Bayern Munich will offer raised to 35 million euros, and append a maximum of 500 million euros bonus on the Vidal next season. That is to say Juve through this transfer up to banked 40 million euros. The Mercury News, Sky TV, “slow motion” the mainstream media to follow up the news, should say a accident, Vidal will within a few days accept Bayern examination, after the official announcement of the transfer. It is worth mentioning is that the Bianconeri cannot also sell two central midfielders, and therefore sell Vidal also means that Boba will exit the transfer market, at least in this summer Juventus will retain the French genius.
Vidal sold Juventus also need to input fresh blood in midfield, in fact, before Bayern discussed transfer Vidal Juventus proposed Goetze as the exchange of goods, but Guardiola refused to give up Goetze, especially literary talent had to forget about it. Oscar and Ozil is still a target for the Bianconeri: once Chelsea successfully signed Weicaier, Oscar may has been cleaning. And the recent Wenger just slammed the Ozil’s agent, there is news that Ozil will see Wenger in Asia tour during the period of their position before making a decision, if the new season, Arsenal still refused to let the Germans appear in the frontal position, Mesut Ozil must demand the departure of.

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Sky TV said Juve also took a fancy to the Schalke 04 draxler. The young German international can be served as a winger or attacking midfielder, very much in line with Allegri tactical requirements. Although Drax, the liquidated damages as high as 45 million euros, but the sky television station said in view of the recent Drax, suffered many injuries, Schalke 04 may only offer 15 million to 20 million euros. Also Juventus may also be able to sell Vidal’s money to spend in the Chelsea winger cuadrado and Porto defender Sandro, the “slow motion” that Juve intend to make a bid for the 12 million to 15 million purchase of Sandro and cuadrado worth is in 2000 million euros under.